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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty. Little Ball Of Fur

As we were getting ready for work on Tuesday our kitty Scooter was beside the litter box and I thought he was getting ready to poop. He just stood there and I thought that he just couldn't go because I was watching him and he knew that what he was doing was bad. It looked like he tried to go but couldn't go and again I thought it was just because I was there. So I picked him up and set him in the litter box and went to work. Late in the afternoon I got a text from my son that Scooter was crying when he pet him and did not seem to feel well. So we got home about 6:30pm and he did seem to be off and he meowed when I pet him. Neither one of our cats hardly ever meow so I knew something was up.

 I gave him and his brother fresh water and opened a can of food for them. As usual, I had to lift Scooter onto the surface where they eat but he jumped down and went to lay down. After that I ran a very hot bath and took a soak as I was hurting from a not good day at work. After I got out I spent some time with Scooter and he seemed worse so I decided to take him to the emergency vet.

They took him right back. His diagnosis was a blocked urethra. The recommended treatment was a catheter and medication and to stay at hospital for up to 3 days. I told them there was no way we could manage a bill like that. They then asked what we could afford. I wanted to say $10 but I didn't figure that would work! I told them $300(we couldn't really afford it). They came up with a possible treatment and they agreed not to go over $500. So they sedated him and put in a catheter and flushed his bladder and monitored him. The doctor said there was a good chance that he would have a reoccurrence. They recommended a special food. They gave us some medication that had been donated which knocked off about $85. The bill came to $475. Sigh. We left the hospital and got home about 2:30 am and he decided to camp out in the garage. When we got up later that day my son was sleeping on the garage floor because he didn't want Scooter to be alone.

So as the day progressed Scooter didn't seem to be better and he was leaking and bleeding. His whole back end was saturated and he was just sitting in his own pee. I kept moving him to a towel or blanket but he always moved. His brother kitty wouldn't even get close to him. Today it seemed like he was leaking and bleeding more and the smell was atrocious. We sterilized some water and kind of gave him a bath but he still smelled. He wouldn't eat, not even treats. He finally drank a little bit. We decided to take him to the regular vet and see if this was normal. Evidently his bladder is overextended. The vet wanted to keep him for a few days but I explained that again we can't afford for him to stay and that we would be working all day Saturday and Sunday and wouldn't be able to pick him up. So the vet said that if he could stay there until tomorrow evening they would recatheter him to give his bladder a chance to heal and IV him because he is dehydrated. He could have come home with the catheter but not with the IV. The vet has to go back sometime during the night and do some kind of procedure on him. So right now we are waiting on a call with an update on his condition. Estimated cost is between $295 and $440. Scooter will also need to be on some very special very expensive food that will help dissolve crystals in his urine. I also had to stop and get the dog her insulin which was $163.

The hubby and I both agree that when our 2 cats and 1 dog are gone, we will not be fur baby parents anymore unless we have significant savings. We are spending money on them that is needed elsewhere but we also feel as though we are not doing right by them because of the cost of the recommended treatments.

This week we received the first bill for the procedures DH had done to remove some spots of skin cancer. So far we are looking at about $2500. We will have to set up a payment plan on that one for sure. We will be juggling bills to make up for the vet bills until we get our tax refund. Last year our Federal refund just covered what we owed to state. This year we did a little better. $600+ for state and $1508 from federal. We will have to tread carefully and pay only minimums of debt. I am curious how long it will take to receive the refunds.

My paycheck this week was short by 12 hours which makes everything that much tighter. I missed work last week because our pipes froze and I was scared to death they would burst while we were at work. I stayed home because I had just had an occurrence fall off and didn't have many hours built up and we weren't sure how close DH was to having one fall off. Thank goodness the pipes thawed out with no issues. This week we would be stranded here at the house if we didn't have a truck . Our street is flooded again. It is higher than I have ever seen it. I called the County yesterday and they said they would come and look at it. I don't know if they did or not but they knew exactly the issue I was reporting. I know the water is high everywhere but this is definitely a safety issue. We might have to buy a rowboat.

I received news last week that one of my classmates had suffered massive head injuries from a fall at work and had passed away. So sad. He had just been married for a short time. He was buried in the same cemetery as my DH's father in Kentucky. It is such a small world.

So I have one more day off to do all the things that I haven't got done. I am such a planner but I lack the motivation to carry out the plans. If I could get a job making lists I would be ecstatic!

Onward and Upward!!


  1. Oh no. What an expensive week you've had. Hope your fur baby will be okay. We also have pets and have agreed these will be our last for budget reasons.

    Do you have a max out-of-pocket for medical expenses?

    Sorry about your classmate. For me it never feels right when I hear of one passing. Although I know (for me) 30+ years have gone by, I still think of us all as being much younger ~ at least until I look in the mirror. Lol Time sure does go by.

    1. I will have to check, but I believe his max out of pocket is $5000. I try to avoid the mirror! LOL

  2. Pets are something you do not need when you are trying to pay off massive debt, but you love them. Just put your cat on moist food and forget the expensive crap at the vet. Our vet who travels to our home here out in the toolies of Idaho says male neutered cats need to be on moist food and kitten chow for the extent of their lives. This will prevent the bladder problems so many of them have. The high grain content causes the bladder problems. Get kitten chow for crunch and small cans of moist. Save yourself money. You can also buy a bag of hydrating fluid and subque it under the skin at the back of the neck to re hydrate a cat or a dog. I have followed a cat around the house with a bag of fluid as I hydrated them. The hydration bags cost $10.00 here.

    1. He is already on moist food with access to dry. I will change that to kitten chow. I giggled at the vision of following a cat around with a bag of fluid. $10 sounds like a doable treatment though and I could use the exercise. Unfortunately, we have decided if this happens again or happens to other kitty, we will just have to let them go. It might be the kinder thing to do when all is said and done.

  3. I also wanted to say I am sorry for these problems but you will be fine just hang in there and do the best you can.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that kitty is unwell and those bills are pretty horrendous aren't they. I had thoughts of getting a dog now that I'm retired but decided that I love my new-found freedom too much and there is always the thought of the vet's bills to put me off. I know I would love any dog I got but I will definitely hold off for now at least!