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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

We Made It Through November

 What a month this has been. The finances took a hit because I was away from work for almost 2 weeks after a potential exposure to Covid. I did get paid by work but not as much as if I had actually worked. I am thankful that I am healthy and was not completely without income. We are a little bit behind but not by too awfully much.

Speaking of Covid, it has started to hit at work pretty hard. Whenever a case is reported at work management does a robo call to all employees. Yesterday they reported 6 new cases over the weekend and Monday morning. I am just hoping this round avoids the area where I work so that we can visit with some family over Christmas.. We don't have big plans, just me, hubs, my 3 kids and son-in-law and the 2 grandsons on Christmas Eve day and then I was hoping to go visit with my mom and dad on Christmas day. 

I have done my Christmas decorating and now I am regretting getting rid of so much. The house looks nice but I think I will start buing some quality pieces over time. We haven't put up our Christmas tree because we cant find the lights for it or I donated them! 

Debt payoff was Ok this month. We paid off about $730 on 401k loans, daddy and mortgage and $790 on consumer debt for a total of $1520 for the month. I should have only 3 more payments on the Barclay account!! This one excites me!!

We are having spaghetti for dinner and that makes me happy!! 

We had Monday and Tuesday off and will be working Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I didn't do much on my days off other than maintain. Sometimes even that is a struggle, so I am OK with it..


  1. Hey you are doing great, with this covid crap we are all lucky to stay on top of things.

  2. Sometimes all you can do is tread water isn't it - and that's ok too!