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Monday, April 19, 2021

Why George, Why?

 Spent another day at mom's cleaning/sorting through the tin building. My dad has been gone for over 3 months yet every time the building is mentioned my mom declares " I don't know why he had to buy that building, I didn't want him to". My sisters and I have been sorting through stuff in the garage, the lean-to, the shed, the tin building, the attic and the "beauty shop". (a little building that used to be a beauty shop, therefore still called the beauty shop). My dad(George) had a lot of "stuff". He liked to go with his friend to auctions and sometimes he came home with stuff. I am, however, my father's daughter and I fight the auction bug. Haven't been to one in ages. As we sort through his 10 gas cans someone will say "Why George, Why?. As we sort and gather together the shelf of 2-cycle oil someone will say "Why George, Why?" It's actually quite entertaining finding all the different items. Sister #2 and I started on the tin building a couple of weeks ago and made some progress. Today Sister #1 and I worked on it and sister "resorted" some of the same things we had already gone through. She basically just moved from one place to another, lol. Once we get everything sorted all the kids and significant others will put in a claim for anything we want and the rest will be kept for an auction eventually. Evidently Sister #1 and #2 have already helped themselves to some things-nothing of real value, though. Today I set aside a wick I found for an Aladdin oil lamp, a wooden tape measure that I remember daddy using. Of course I forgot them when I left.

I own several old oil lamps, one of which is an Aladdin that I got after daddy passed. The 3 sisters and mom wanted me to take it as they know I like antique oil lamps. My Sister #1 wants me to go up in the attic and look at some others and take what I want. 

I have learned that online ordering of groceries for pick up on a Sunday evening is not the way to go. I have been trying to shop every 3 weeks. So I decided to do a pickup after work. I had 11 substitutions, quite a few items were not available. Some of my meat wants were not available for curbside pickup so I went in afterwards and found a few of the things that were not available. I didn't get home to have supper until after 8pm. I do think I spend less doing a 3 week meal plan and grocery pick up. 

We went to KY last Wed-Fri to visit with hub's mom and step-dad. Thank goodness for good gas mileage as gas prices have really gone up. I now own 6 pairs of house slippers. One time when we went to visit I was wearing slippers and now every time we go down Hub's mom gives me a pair of slippers. While we were there I asked her if she knew how many Longaberger baskets she had. She had 28 just in the living room/dining room area. The next day she tells me to pick out which ones I wanted and I could have them. I gracefully bowed out of that, LOL. 

We got home late Friday afternoon and when we walked in the house smelled of cat urine. I am now paranoid that the house always smells that way and I don't notice it. Tomorrow i am doing a major clean up and then I will get someone to visit and see if they can smell anything.  Need to do a lot of laundry, also. 

We are thinking about how long we will stay at this house. It was going to be a forever home. Then we talked about just staying here until retirement and then moving closer to the grandkids. But now we are contemplating doing so sooner.  There are four new housing additions going in on our road. The traffic will be so much worse than it is now. A lot of things to consider.


  1. Aaahhhh, making the decision on where your "forever" home will be is tough isn't it, but as we get older I think we don't want or need all that space and we want easier maintenance!

  2. It is tough to go to another place. but whatever you do, don't sell until you have found something else.

    1. Oh, it would be awhile yet, should we do so, as our credit is, um, not very good.

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