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Thursday, June 10, 2021

This And That

 Hello!!! It's been a little while since the last post. Life has just been busy, yet boring. The next few months probably won't be very exciting other than the normal pay down. So I will be continuing my blogging hiatus probably until fall. 

I do read some blogs, but I am not a faithful comment leaver. Mostly because I read at work during break on my phone and typing on it is difficult.

Life has been fairly monotonous lately. Just work and home and going out to my mothers. What a character she is. Always wanting to go somewhere. Running out of places to take a 90 year old that doesn't wear her out. Her favorite place to go right now is a little town that is about maybe 15 minutes from where she lives. She likes to eat at the pizza place, visit the "antique" store, visit the candy store(and boy is she disappointed if it is closed) and then there is always a stop at the Amish store. Life is better for her right now as my brother is once again a guest of the county. Poor guy, no one will bail him out, haha.

I splurged today. It is my oldest sons birthday. I am ashamed to say that I do not know what his favorite cake is. So I bought a small vanilla cake, a coconut cake, a cheese cake and a coconut cream pie. I am happy to help him try them all out, along with the 4 different flavors of Ice Cream I stopped and got at Aldi's. 

I have almost conquered the morning headaches I have been having. Not to say I never wake up with one, but they are not nearly as commonplace as they were. You buy enough different types of pillows you will hopefully find one that works. I have not conquered my Monster Energy drink addiction. Haven't really tried that hard either. But, I must. Today at Aldi's I bought a drink of Kombucha. One drink is as far as I could get. Nasty. It is supposed to be a healthy drink, but I am going to have to pass.

Yesterday hubs and I went to the company's free clinic for our annual wellness check that we have to go through to get the lower priced insurance benefits. Will go back in 2 weeks for results. Pre Covid they would have a company come in and get your height, weight, blood pressure and sugar levels and if you claimed to be a non-smoker you would have to test for tobacco. Just pop upstairs after work and 15 minutes later you are done. At the clinic they drew 3 vials of blood and urinalysis. I am sure when I go back they will want to address my blood pressure being high, as it was also high a month ago when I went in for an ear infection with a cold. I used to be on blood pressure medication about 8 years ago when I hurt my back, but once that got better(not completely, but better), my blood pressure went back to normal. But, I am older now and weigh more than I did than.

In May, we paid off $754 in consumer debt. This includes paying off the Fingerhut account completely, yay! That was a $50 a month payment. So now I am just hopefully going to let that $50 set in the account until it builds up enough to make a lump sum payment to the next debt. The next scheduled payoff is Care Credit #1 which now has a monthly payment of $49.12. This payment used to be around $24 and some odd cents but the last paid off account got snowballed into this account. So the last payment would be in December unless I can hang onto the extra $50 a month from paying off Fingerhut.

So, that is it for now. See ya in the funny pages.


  1. I'm glad you gave us a little update, even if, as you say, there's not a lot going on. I think that's probably been true for most of us actually so it isn't easy blogging on a regular basis. And your mom sounds a hoot! Good for her!

  2. Happy to hear from you. Blogging really helped me pay off my debt as I felt accountable to someone. I have a brother like that and we were always thrilled when he was in jail. Your mom cannot help but be happier. Your list of what you owe is getting smaller and I am proud of you.

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