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Monday, October 18, 2021

And 4+ Months Later............

 Hello!!! Hard for me to believe that so much time has passed since my last post! Keeping busy with work, projects in the house, spending time with kids and grandkids and going to my mom's house. 

Debt payoff was going good up until about a month after my last post. We had managed to scrounge up enough cash by watching our spending and a couple of small bonuses to pay off my 401k loan. Paying off the loan gave us back $64 a week. But (there's always a but, isn't there?) the hot water heater needed replaced and the 4 window air conditioning units were not keeping the house cool enough even though they ran constantly. So we (or I) took out another 401k loan. Definitely not Dave Ramsey approved. 

Our spending plan for this money has already been somewhat derailed. We discussed a budget of $5000 for tree work, however, the best quote for that job came in at $9000. We are having 3 trees cut down and about 12 more cleaned up. This job won't get done until next week, tree people have been extremely busy around here. We did end up using the same company that cut down a tree for us a few years ago and we were very happy with the end result. Our trees are very very tall. We will be splitting the wood  and removing the stumps ourselves as a way to save some money. It will be a relief to have this job done because every time the wind blows hard we are worried about the trees. We already have some gutter damage due to falling limbs. New gutters were one of the things we were hoping to accomplish but as of now I don't think it will happen.

My debt and payoff list is not completely updated. We did pay off my car. By eliminating the car payment and the old 401k loan payment, we are out of pocket $40 less per week than before. True to Murphy's law, while waiting on the title to arrive, my son-in-law forgot my car was parked beside him and he hit it while backing out and turning. That estimate to fix came in at $2800. He didn't want to turn it into insurance so he wrote me a check for that amount. My daughter told me she told him to write the check for $3000 and to keep the overage but he just wrote it for $2800. I didn't tell her and I won't unless the actual bill comes to more than $2800. I thought it was pretty funny that he wasn't going to let go of that $200. I am so ready to get my car back, we are using my husband's F250 and that is one rough ride. Daughter and son-in-law did offer to pay for a rental but I didn't want to make them shell out more money. 

As mentioned previously, the first thing we did with the loan money was to replace the hot water heater. This too came to be a lot more than expected. We had to have some repiping done. When we bought this house the inspector said that the water heater was 9 years past recommended replacement date and we have lived here for 6 years. The second thing was to have the AC replaced. Oh my, sweet relief. We also had all the vents in the house cleaned, this was not one of the original items we had planned on doing but we are glad we had it done. 

Another thing we did was to replace all the door locks. The front door lock was very hard to turn and we did not have a key for it, either. We replaced the back door lock, the front door lock, the lock between the house and garage and the garage door. They now all use the same key and they all match and it looks so much better. 

So, that's a little bit that has been going on around here. But I will be back with more updates on my doings around the house and debt payoff. See ya!!!

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  1. Your home is your greatest financial asset apart from your ability to work, so never apologize for fixing it up. Well unless you are decorating excessively.Then I will come kick your butt. So nice to hear from you and I was looking at your list and it is so much better. I am very proud of you, Keep it up. I have some major bills due in December and now I am a little frantic that I will have the mney to pay them. I have been having a little too much fun.