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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Sunday Morning Coming Down

 Ok, I'm not really coming down from anything, just heard the Johnny Cash version of this song and decided to use it for a title.

Yesterday I went to my mother's house. Quite the adventure. First off, I had let my oldest sister know that if mom had any running around or errands to do that she needed to have them done because I would be driving the truck and little old ladies shouldn't be trying to climb in and out of trucks. So sister #3 said she would drive her  car to mom's and if we needed to go anywhere then I could use her car to drive them around. First I stopped on the way and picked up youngest son and then we went to my mother's house.  Sister #3 text'd about 10 minutes before we arrived wanting to know where we were because she was already at my mom's house and couldn't get out of her car without help. She uses a walker and her walker was in the back of her car. This was her first time driving in almost 2 years. So we hurried up a little because if my mother saw her out in her car she would be trying to help her. So we sat around the kitchen table listening to mom talk about all the same stuff she always talks about. Then she got out 2 of her prescription bottles that she wanted refilled. So I called the automated system to have them refilled. But almost everytime I needed to answer a question my mom would start talking in the background and the recording would say "sorry, I don't understand your response". Finally made it almost to the end and my mom said something that made the system switch me to live person. Eventually got everything right and now my sister #2 can pick up the prescriptions this week as they are being filled in her town. During the conversation with my sister and mom my sister told us how she got up one night at 3:45 to go to the bathroom and she fell asleep sitting on the commode and when she woke up there was daylight coming through the window.

So then we went to watch cats and dogs on YouTube. My sister kept nodding off and on. Then we decided to go outside and pick up pecans. But first sister needed to go pee. So she went in the bathroom and after about 10 minutes she was still in there so I hollered and asked her if she was all right. She answered immediately and said everything is fine. Another 10 minutes goes by. I ask her again and tell her that her mother needs to go pee(it's a 1 bathroom house). She says she'll be out in a minute. Another 10 minutes. I knew she was falling asleep. So son and I decide to move the furniture around in Mom's room as it is beside the bathroom and hopefully the noise would keep her awake enough to get up and come out. So after we are done I holler at her again and she replies that she is fine. I don't think she realized how much time has gone by. Me and son and Mom go sit in the living room and I ask mom how bad did she need to go. She said that she had already gone, she had peed in a bucket while we were moving furniture. OK. So son and I go out to pick up pecans. He goes inside after a little bit to check on his grandma. My sister was still in the bathroom. So I decide to go in and check on her. I peek in and she is sitting on the commode with her head on her walker sleeping. I see she is breathing so I snuck back out. Send a text to my other 2 sisters to ask them if I should go in and wake her up or if that would be too undignified and should we call her hubby. (He was having a guys day and earlier sleepy sister had told me that he would be drinking-he doesn't get a lot of time for himself between taking care of my sister, his mom and his own health issues). So sister#2 got in contact with him and he said that my son could drive her home in the car(my son doesn't have a license) and I would follow them. So I decide to take the plunge and I go in the bathroom and wake her up and she is really out of it. That bathroom was so hot and her face was flushed. So I get her a couple of wet washcloths and told her I would be outside of the bathroom and to holler if she needed help. She needed a change of pants so my mom got her something to wear. I went in and helped her some more and she said that she could take care of it herself. So I once again wait outside the bathroom and soon enough I hear a thunk and she calls for me. So back in I go and help this half naked girl up and tell her that I am not leaving until she is put together and back on the couch. So eventually she got back out to the living room and I get everyone some lasagna that I had put in the oven earlier(I don't remember the brand name but that lasagna was very bland).  Sis keeps drifting off but is looking better so we decide it is time to go. My sister said that she must have taken her pain medicine too early and then later she realized that she had also put on a new pain patch without taking off the old one-this could have been so much worse. In retrospect, I should have went in and woke her up earlier instead of worrying about trying to preserve her dignity. She was in the bathroom for not quite 2 hours. She has her pain pills, the patches and a tens unit and still has pain spasms. 

So the son came home with me. He will be staying here for a little while to help with the log splitting and some other stuff. We are getting trees cut down starting on Wednesday, but they won't be able to start log splitting while the tree people are working. 

The sitting room project--this is the room where the hubs hangs out. It had old brown utilitarian carpet in it. The furniture was a sectional that we got third handfrom some neighbors in the old neighborhood. So we had it for about 10 years ourselves and it had at least 2 previous owners. It had rips and was very worn.  The only other furniture was a rocking chair and a cabinet that holds his sons ashes and some other treasures.  We are using the furniture from the living room in here now but it is too big. We were going to replace livingroom furniture. We have a new plan now.A few months ago I had painted the window frames and window latches and replaced the shades. This room is also open to a hallway. So here is what we have done in this room:

*removed heating registers from the old steam boiler that has been replaced. Repaired holes.

*covered up small sections of wall that previously had carpet covering. I will show pictures if I can

*removed old thermostat from old boiler system, repaired hole

*changed electric plug in covers X5

*in hallway, removed old doorbell housing that no longer worked, still need to repair hole from that

*in hallway, replaced 2 of 3 light switches with push switches, did not do 3rd one as that is connected to                another switch and the replacement switch did not match the old switch. Will put this on list for an                  electrician to do. Have not replaced covers as it is a 3 hole and only 2 have been switched.

*in hallway, painted 3 door frames and spray painted closet door hinges to brushed nickel(replacement                   hinges were $6 each, so this saved $18 minus cost of a little spray paint. The paint is the same I used             to paint the window latches.  Best part is, you can't tell they have been painted and look much better             than what was there.

*in hallway, installed baseboard

*replaced nasty carpet with new carpet and a high quality pad

*installed baseboards . 2 of the walls had had no baseboards as they had the heat registers mounted on                  them  

*painted walls

*used cord covers to hide the cords from the tv

So I selected a gray paint for the sitting room and hallway. My oldest son told me that was a bad idea as that would be very depressing. I told him that the dining room and hallway are supposed to be gray even though they look a little bit blue. He said that maybe that is why we are depressed. I said I didn't know I am depressed. So hubs and I decided we would paint the wall where the TV hangs dark gray and I chose a light colored paint for the other walls and hallway. The light paint had a little more yellow in it than I intended and I just did not like it. I tried, but every time I walked in this room I thought to myself that I really don't care for the light paint. So I had some gray paint left over from the living room from a few years ago. I have always thought that it was a little too light of a gray, so I added some of the dark gray and repainted those walls. I love it. I think it is very soothing and pretty. If being happy with the color of my walls makes me depressed, so be it. LOL.

We fully intended to put laminate flooring in the sitting room. It was already bought and paid for. But when I took up the carpet there was a surprise. This room sits lower than the rest of the house and has a cement floor. The edges of the floor where the heat registers had been was broken up and the main part of the floor was lower than the edges. So our options were to fix the floor(lots of $$$) or do what had already been done and cover it up with carpet. So we went with the carpet. This was an added expense which could have been offset somewhat with the return of the laminate, but we decided to keep it and use it in the bedroom which is the same size as the sitting room plus the size of a small closet. I had to install the baseboarding before the carpet layers came. I certainly didn't do a professional grade job, but close if I do say so myself!

We added an electric fireplace. I put it together and it took me almost 5 hours before I got that sucker done but it looks very nice and cozy.

We are buying 2 loveseats and a recliner to put in this sitting room. The couch and loveseat from the living room are too big. This furniture will return to the living room when the new furniture arrives in 8 to 14 weeks. 

I believe the only other thing going on in this room is to install a ceiling fan. It is already purchased but it will be on the list for the electrician. We will be saving for that. The only light in this room comes from lamps. Oh, also need to find some curtains-hoping to do that on the cheap, in the meanwhile the shades will have to do. If I can't find anything affordable, I could always take down the curtain rods and go without. Time will tell on this. All in all, I am very happy with the results of this room and the money spent on it. Even better, hubby loves it

The next project will be the master bedroom-stay tuned!!!

Plans for this day is to do some grocery shopping and laundry and the whole house needs some love as it has been in an upheavel for a while now.

Even though we have been spending money on our redo's, we are still paying on the debt and finding ways to cut back or make the best use of what we have.


  1. I feel bad for your sister, she must be in a lot of pain. I would love to see pictures of what you are doing.

  2. Your sister should not be driving. Sorry for all her pain. You have certainly done a lot in your house. I am sure it looks very nice.