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Thursday, December 16, 2021

The End


Well, my friends, I am going to be shutting down this little blog. I don't feel as if I am giving it enough attention-though my intentions are always good.

We have come a LONG way in the last 3.5 years since my first post. We started out with 37 accounts that needed to be taken care of. in addition to adding some along the way.  We are now under 10.

We have gone from being almost 3 months behind on mortgage to paying it before it's due and close to having a month in reserve. Utilities are being paid before due date and we have received our deposit back from the electric company after making 12 months of consecutive on time payments. That took us over 6 years to accomplish!!

I estimate that we will have all consumer and medical debt paid off by the end of August. We will still have the mortgage, 401k loans and the $5000 that I owed my dad when he passed. We can probably have the $5000 paid off before the end of the year.

It has been a hard journey. Could we have got to this point sooner? Absolutely. We had a lot of curve balls thrown at us over the years. Car repairs, having to replace my car when it got totaled, excessive pet care costs, insurance deductibles from hailstorms and tree damage, tree removal,  some burial costs for my stepson

Could we have earned more? Absolutely. Hubs and I have not worked but a few days of extra overtime in the last year. 35+ plus years of working in a factory takes it's toll on a person. 12 hour shifts take a toll on a person. Trying to be available for grandchildren and a newly widowed mother takes it's toll. This pandemic and crazy, toosy turvy world takes its toll. 

Maybe I will be back eventually when I feel I can do a blog justice and our only remaining debt is the mortgage.

Until then my friends, lurkers and passersby, thank you for your support and may God bless us all.

Terry, Also known as Mearlynn or Busted&Disgusted.


  1. wishing you luck on all your future endeavors! i hope your dad's estate can forgive the 5,000, but if not i am glad you have a plan for it in mind (as you always did) take care!

  2. You have done so well with paying down those debts. Its not easy at all so well done! Its good to take a blogging break sometimes, all the best and I hope you come back and update down the track. :)

  3. You have done amazingly well and I hate to think I won't hear from you again. Isn't it wonderful to be able to pay your bills. I still have that amazing feeling. Take care my freind.