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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Another One Bites The Dust!!

No time for much of a post, I am just excited to say that the Merrick credit card is GONE!!!!! That frees up $45 a month for my next payoff. That was DEBT #8 to be paid off with 29 more to go!!! We can do this!!!!

Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year, New Beginnings

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! My dh and I had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas, so in many ways it was just another day. We had Christmas with the extended family(aunts, uncles, cousins) on the Saturday before Christmas and when that was over we went to my daughter's house for Christmas with her, the son-in-law, the grandson, son#1 and son #2. It was nice. Tomorrow, on New Year's Day, we are having Christmas at my parents house with my 3 sisters, their spouses or significant others, possibly my 2 sons and nephews with their spouses and kids. It's back to work on Wednesday😣.

I have been thinking about the New Year and what I would like to accomplish. So, here are my resolutions and goals for 2019
I hereby resolve.......
1. To accomplish at least 50% of my resolutions😂
2. To reduce amount of money spent on groceries by more meal planning and using up leftovers and keeping track of what is in fridge, freezer and pantry.
3. To spend less on vending machines at work by more consistently taking lunch, snacks and drinks to work. This ties into #2.
4. To visit the parents more often
5. To keep a beater house- shouldn't be too hard to improve in this area😆
6. To fund an account to replace water heater
7. To cut down on Monster energy drinks and diet coke
8. To reduce debt by $1500 or more each month
9. To cash flow putting new floors  in bedroom
10. To send birthday cards to all family members
11. To schedule all those "50 and over" medical exams/tests
12. To  hand make at least one Christmas gift to all family  members
13. To try at least 1 new recipe every month
14. To start a small garden
15. To involve DH more in the progress of our debt reduction
16. To lose 42 lbs. by the end of the year, give or take 30 lbs😜
17. To work at least 2 overtime days each month
18. To occasionally call the mom-in-law to chat-this will probably be the hardest to accomplish
19. To be a better shopper by doing price search, lists, paper and digital coupons
20. To improve my work attendance-which in turn will increase my income

So, there it is. I should probably add a goal of not putting off wrapping Christmas gifts and making food for a New Year's Day Christmas get together. It is 11.38pm and I haven't even started!!

Happy New Year's everyone!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Doing Almost Nothing Wednesday

No call for overtime today. I finally got up and tried to sleep on the couch. The dog was such a pest that I gave up on that. I was trying to sleep on the couch because I think maybe our bed is giving me headaches. I wake up with a headache every. single. day. I have tried just about every different pillow I can find. Actually  I wasn't feeling very well when I went to bed. The area where I worked yesterday does not have very good air quality. It was hard to take a deep breath by the end of the day. I had chills and my muscles felt weak. This has been an ongoing problem for years that they "are working on". It's usually only real bad during cold weather. Unfortunately I had to spend more time than normal in the area because I had a trainee and he was kind of slow. I was only with him for the day since his regular trainer had called off.

Tomorrow I will go with DH to the doctor. We went a few weeks ago but the Dr. was still in surgery at our appointment time. We were going to wait for him but his nurse came out and kept saying "the Dr. is still in surgery if you want to reschedule" or "we can't say when the Dr. will be back if you want to reschedule" or " I don't want you to think I am trying to get you to leave, but the appointment today was only for a  look and see and the Dr. won't be doing any procedures unless it can be done in the time allotted for the consultation". We finally decided to leave and make another appointment but we did feel pressured to leave. I was under the impression that this appointment was to remove some skin cancer on his neck and to lance an area on his leg, but I guess it was just for checking things out. This is why I should always go to appointments with DH, so that I know what is really going on!

As far as debt payoff, still just plugging away, bit by bit. I think January will be the month when things start moving a little faster. I am anxious to get to that point.

I would like to work some overtime this month for a few reasons. The main one being money, haha. Also to get some hours toward working on my attendance and also because my vacation pay for next year is based on my gross income this year. Every extra day worked will increase the amount I get paid for vacation. I got in 12 hours of overtime last week but that was all I could get because I was on Grandma duty :)

I have been spending time reading blogs. Some that I have never read before, some that I had lost bookmarks to and didn't remember the names of. I should be spending time cleaning my house and doing stuff that needs to be done.

Well, I am off of here and I am going to sleep in the extra bed upstairs and see if I still wake up with a headache.


Sunday, November 25, 2018


Someone must have told the powers that be that I had an easy day on Sunday. My next day of work, Wednesday, was a doozie. I only got to sit down once for about 30 minutes. Being on my feet all day makes an old work injury to my back flare up. Thursday was a somewhat hard day but the longest I had to work between breaks was 2 hours. Friday was long and boring, which is sometimes a good thing.

My issues with my laptop have been resolved. I broke it for good. I had laid it beside the recliner and it slid underneath and when I leaned the recliner back it put pressure on the laptop and cracked the screen. Then I finished it off again. When I leaned over to unplug it, I knocked over a drink that poured right onto it.Sigh.
The internet people came yesterday and repaired our connection, or so they said. Time will tell.

I finished plotting our debt payoff time. With no snowballing, the last one will be paid off in 2029.(This does not include the Discover card) LOL. Soon I will figure out what it will be doing a snowball. I suspect it will come out to be around the end 2022. I am not including the One Main loan as it should be paid off in a few months. It is a huge payment and we need some breathing room and there are still some accounts that we are not paying on.

The Discover card is the only account that isn't charged off. It still accrues interest.The interest rate is .......24.99%.......The monthly payment right now is around $150. This payment only reduces the principal about $20. About six months ago I called and asked about an interest reduction. The answer was no, I did not qualify for anything until November. So I made the call again and the interest rate is now 14.99% for the next 12 months. That is still very high, but it is better. Even though this account is one of the highest, it will receive any extra money. At 24% interest, making minimum payments, it would take 25 years to pay off. Crazy.

I used to have 4 banking accounts. They were all free. I opened the last one thinking it would be more convenient and it also gave me $250 after certain conditions were met. I was going to get rid of the others but kept putting it off. Turns out I didn't like the last one I opened, so I closed it. I really liked my ING Direct account(now Capital One 360) but I also wanted a bank I could walk into. Being the procrastinator that I am, I didn't close any of the remaining 3. So I have decided to use one for mortgage, utilities,  trash, annual street light charge and license registration. I want to get to the point that these bills can be put in auto withdrawal. I am going to use one account for the debt payoff, some of which are auto withdraw already. The third account will be for groceries, gas and the like. I can do direct deposits into all of these accounts.

I  have also started making a direct deposit from my paycheck into my dad's checking account. I don't have this debt listed yet. I borrowed $10000 and have paid back $1500. I

I had been trying to convince my hubby that his truck was burning oil for about the last 2 months. He thought I was crazy. He finally smelled what I was smelling and took  the truck to our neighbor. Our neighbor works on vehicles at his house. He said it was either a bad oil pan or rear seal. So hubby cleaned up all the oil underneath and took it back over. Unfortunately, it was the rear seal. It will cost $600 for the neighbor to repair. He will have to take it into the shop where he works. He is actually giving us a pretty good price. Hubby will be paying for it with his holiday pay.

 When I logged  on to pay auto insurance, we had a zero balance owed. I knew I hadn't already paid it. So it seems the insurance company is no longer having us pay in advance. So we didn't owe for this month as it has already been paid. Having the bank account set up for auto withdrawal will be good as being late on paying auto insurance is no longer an option.

So, some bad stuff going on, some good stuff going on. I t could always be worse!!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Goofing off @work Sunday

Don't tell anyone, but I've been at work for almost 2 hours and have only done about 15 minutes of work. I am OK with that, it helps make up for the times I've done 18 hours worth of work during a 12 hour shift! I am able to take it slow right now because the night shift person left me set up very well. That doesn't happen often.
I am tired this morning because I stayed up late last night writing out projections for debt payoff. I only got about halfway through because I have so many freaking accounts to pay off. I know I could use an online app to figure it for me but I like to see it written out.
I am feeling chill because I did not sign up for overtime this coming week. It's like a weight off my shoulders knowing I don't have to worry about being called or how am I going to take care of other stuff if I work OT. It has not been a good month for working OT because of life happening. I have been going to my daughter's house to check on things and take care of cats. She went to a medical conference and took some vacation days also because it was in Vegas. Her hubby and the baby and her in laws went also. On the day that they got back, her husband's grandmother passed away, so they have been in Mississippi most of the week for the funeral.
I have not been able to keep up with some of the blogs I like to  read. Internet problems at home. I set my laptop back to factory settings, but that did not help and I lost all my bookmarks and I am still getting kicked off. Last night I scheduled an appointment for a tech to come out to the house. I did a self diagnostic and evidently we have some wiring issues. Go figure.
I hope everyone gets to enjoy Thanksgiving . Hubs and I have to work Thanksgiving day. Again. I will work 36 hours this week and get paid an extra 18 hours on Thursday and an extra 18 hours on Friday. It makes for a nice check but I miss my family.
On the bright side, some of my debt balances have gone down, the mortgage and utilities are current. on the dark side  we are broke!!

Happy Thanksgiving and if you aren't celebrating Thanksgiving, I wish you a fantastic Thursdsy!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Home Sweet Home


My house no longer smells! It was the rug in the middle room that evidently the dog had peed on. She has not peed in the house since her illness a few years ago. She does leak when she lays down sometimes. This was no leakage. She is 7 years old and diabetic with possible Cushing's, so the leaking is just something we deal with.The rug is now outside hanging over the swing and hopefully I can find the time to go out and hose it down.


I was not called in for overtime on Monday. I spent most of that day working on the piles and piles of laundry, quite a lot of it bedding. The dog sleeps on the bed so the bed is always made up with a lot of layers and mattress protectors. We could make her sleep on the floor but she is just a needy dog with a needy human who feels more comfortable if I can reach her and make sure she is still breathing. I also went grocery shopping on Monday. I went to Walmart first and then I went to Kroger's for some of their deals.


I voted on Tuesday. For the last election, my voting place was in the community room of an apartment complex about 2 miles from the house. This time I thought it was at the town library. Evidently that was only for early voting. Their sign gave locations for voting and the closest one was in a church about halfway between town and our house. It was funny because I saw some of the same people at the church that I saw at the library. At least I wasn't the only confused one. But I wasn't confused about the candidates to vote for, LOL.

On Tuesday I finished up laundry and cleaned up the kitchen, dining room and the middle room.


The hubby spent almost all of Monday and Tuesday doing yard work and splitting up wood that he got from our friend. It is for use in his garage. He was too busy to go vote with me (don't hate). So he knew I was going into town. That was about 1pm. About 4 pm I went out just to touch base and he said he needed cigarettes and would like some beer. I finally gave in and said I would go get what he wanted but that he should have told me earlier when he knew I was going into town. I then gave him a lecture about how much gas is wasted when he only buys 1 or 2 packs at a time. He didn't understand my point. So I explained that the closest place to buy cigarettes is a 5 mile round trip. His truck gets about 13 mpg. On his days off he probably makes at least one trip, sometimes 2. He has 3 to 4 days off work every week. So he is using up 1 to 1.5 gallons of gas a week. That is another $2.50 to $4 a week going toward cigarettes. Not a huge amount per trip but about $130 to $200 per year.

And then there is this...... he gets carried away when he is on his lawn mower. Last night he decided to mow along the edge of the woods by the field beside the house. Not our property. About 5pm he comes in and tells me to put on some old shoes and come help him. So I put on my work shoes and go outside. He had got the mower bogged down in the mud at the edge of the field. So I try to push him out and my feet got bogged down in the mud. At one point I lost a shoe in the mud and had to stand on 1 leg while hubby pulled my shoe out. We couldn't get the mower out of the mud. I try to get some of the mud off my shoes knowing I would need them in the morning. Hubs decided he would have to wait until the ground dried out or froze to get the mower out or get one of the neighbors to pull him out with their mower. Fast forward to Wednesday morning. Hubs decides he can't go to work. He didn't sleep well because of the mower and he wanted to get it out. I knew Tuesday night that this was going to happen. So I go to put on my work shoes and they are just too muddy to wear. Some of it had dried but they were too far gone to get cleaned up in time for work. I am required to wear steel toed shoes so I found a pair that I had bought off the shoe truck at work and wore those. They hurt my feet and are still pretty much brand new. About 7am hubby texts me to tell me that the mower had been pulled out of the mud. I texted back "great, my feet hurt" His reply was that he was sorry he did something stupid and called off work and lost a day's pay but that he had told me to wear old shoes.

Now, I would not have been so mad except that Hubby used to have a 4 wheeler and he got it stuck in the woods(not our property) 2 different times and I had to help drag him out. The last time I had told him that if he did it again I didn't want to know about it and don't ask me to help him. I guess he figured a lawn mower is different that a 4 wheeler!


The shoes that I had to wear today came off of a shoe truck that comes out to where I work and we are given an allowance to purchase shoes once a year. The last time I got some I used my allowance plus threw in $20 and chose the ones that fit the best. I tried to wear them but they are too narrow and the back of them are too hard and rub the back of my foot. So I threw them in the closet and kept wearing the ones I had got the year before. I wore the crap out of them. We work a minimum of 2184 hours a year in an environment that is hard on everything. My old shoes were so worn out that the padding around the edges was gone and whenever I climbed stairs I could the bottom flopping around. I could have turned in my new shoes and got a voucher for a different pair but I would have to travel about an hour and a half to get to the shoe store and it would be on my own time. So, I took myself to Walmart and bought a pair of steel toed shoes for $29. I am telling you right now that even though my feet hurt by the end of a 12 hour day, they feel so much better than either pair that I got off of the truck. I guess from now on I will get my shoes off the truck every year and sell or donate them and buy the cheap, more comfortable shoe out of my own pocket.

While at work today I texted Hubby and told him that I had been planning on having  BLT's or cheeseburgers for supper but I had forgot to get buns unless we use bread, just pick whatever.  He texted back that I should figure out something to eat, maybe we could have bacon and eggs or he would have to go get buns, but he would also have to get fries because we were out of fries. I replied that we had potatoes and if you cut them up they turn into fries. I was being a little snarky because I was still irritated about the mower thing and the calling off of work thing. Then when I got home he was making hamburgers(I was hoping he would make BLT's as I hate frying bacon). No buns, using bread. I'm still irritated so I was asking if the dog had got her insulin yet(no) had the cats been fed yet(no)and just indicating that I was disgusted about him not taking care of these things.. I just decided to let it go because it is what it is and it will be what it will be!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

2 Hours Of Extra Sleep

I usually go to bed around 11pm on the nights that I work the next day. We get up at 4:30am. On Saturday we got home from work a little bit after 6:30pm. For supper I heated up left over pizza, breadsticks and pasta, gave the dog her insulin and fed her and the kitties, did a laundry load of bedclothes, loaded the dishwasher and ran it, emptied out the litter box and scrubbed it and put in new litter and took a bath as hot as I could stand to help relieve all those aches and pains that happen after 12 hours of work in a factory. I went to bed at 10pm. With Daylight Savings Time that gave me an extra 2 hours of sleep! Yay me! But I wanted another 2 hours.

Work wasn't too awfully busy today. I used my slow time today to play around with some numbers. Trying to figure out how much to send to a separate checking account for monthly bills such as mortgage, cable, phone, insurance, trash pickup, gas and electric. I am trying to project how long it will take to get enough of a cushion that I can just put these bills on auto pilot. I could only get as far as the middle of February before I would have to give up and do some REAL work! I pulled a $ amount that I think will work and switched around our direct deposits.

I may go into work tomorrow if they call. I am trying to get some laundry done so that I have something to wear. My employer frowns on coming into work naked. I know that I won't work on Tuesday, I want to vote. I may also work an extra day on Saturday and I already know that I won't work on Sunday, my daughter gave us tickets to go see the Colts play. Fun Stuff!!

If I don't work tomorrow(Monday) I need to go grocery shopping. The cupboards are next to bare. It may have to wait until Tuesday.

My house still smells. That is embarrassing just to type out;) The problem may possibly be our middle room. There is nothing in there except 3 shelves with some food on them. It's kind of like a pantry. It is also where we keep the dog's water bowl. She has a gravity fed water bowl. However, the kitties have decided that it is fun to knock it over. This causes the water to spill out.The bowl sets in a tray but it is not big enough to hold that much water. It used to be that they could only knock it over when it was almost empty but now they can do it when it is fuller. I thought maybe the smell was the dog had peed on the rug in there. I did find a wet spot but it is my belief that when the water was spilled, it leaked out onto the floor and got underneath the laminate and traveled to the corner of the room and came up to make the rug wet.. The laminate looks like it is peeling back. We have moved the water bowl out to the garage and we will have to wait and see if we have to replace the flooring or it will dry.

The hubby and son both complain that the upstairs bathroom smells. They think it is the water. I just can't smell anything up there but they have both mentioned it, so I will have to figure that out. We might just need to have our well treated.

Oh well, time to check the laundry and make up the bed and get ready to snooze.